Monday, 31 October 2016

Hogg's Trolling Days Are Numbered

Hallowe'en 2016: Angie Mary Watkins, who knows Hogg better than most, posted this on her group:

"Anthony Hogg has announced on his group, Did A Wampyr Walk in Highgate, why he was booted out of THIS [Angie Mary Watkins' Highgate Facebook] group again. It wasn't quite like he says. He knew before he came back that there were people in the group, one person in particular, he actually did not like. Yet he wanted to come back. But after that, he complained to me privately that he felt victimised, and bullied and steamrollered. Several times he called me a bully. He said we all 'ganged up' on him. So, in addition to all the other things he has called me in the past-like a fuckwit , a moron, a liar, arrogant, a lowlife and of course, last but not least, a c**t, I am now also a bully! He said he was not my 'peasant,' that I was in "Seán [Manchester]'s pocket,"and in his opinion, letting him back in the group was not a huge concession. He also said I singled him out and suppressed his say. I don't look at it that way? What more can I really add to that?" - Angie Mary Watkins

Not a lot. Many have had an identical experience with Hogg. Some have suffered worse things from this troll who probably has narcissistic personality disorder, which is a mental disorder in whereby people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism. That describes the Australian troll Anthony Hogg perfectly.

Friday, 28 October 2016

McWilliams' Antisemitic Jibe Backfires

Seán Manchester commented: "If I was any of the things Redmond McWilliams accuses me of being I would hardly have worked with Jane Goldman and become her friend. Neither would she have supported me and written about my investigation at Highgate sympathetically. Ironically, Redmond McWilliams and Kevin Chesham [along with David Farrant] are friends and collaborators. Chesham is not only antisemitic, but is also connected to more neo-Nazi groups than you can shake a stick at."

Friday, 21 October 2016

Moping of the Morden Molly

"The best way to deal with trolls [sic] like Manchester is to block them. He's had his fair share of chances, and he's blown each one. And I for one will no longer enter into any further dialogue with him - either directly or indirectly. Instead I'm going to try and seek out his past associates. Maybe they can help shed some light on past activities? Only time will tell I guess." - Redmond McWilliams 

The methodology of trolls like Anthony Hogg and Redmond McWilliams is sometimes to project onto their victims their own bad behaviour. Thus McWilliams has recently taken to calling Seán Manchester a "troll" - a stratagem he has learned from Hogg - while in his second sentence providing clear evidence, if evidence were ever needed, that McWilliams himself is the troll.

McWilliams declares that he will "directly or indirectly try to seek out Seán Manchester's past associates" without fully realising the implication of what he is saying. He supports Hogg's stalking of females who really do not want their privacy compromised and will involve the police if it is.

This most curious person, who has been David Farrant's lackey for quite a number of years, claims that Seán Manchester has had his "fair share of chances" and apparently "blown each one." What is this odd character blathering on about? Seán Manchester has had nothing to do with McWilliams and has neither sought nor wanted any "chances" (whatever that means) from this Farrant puppet. What McWilliams really means is that he has vainly lived in hope that he might be given a chance to get a foot inside Seán Manchester's door, but, since renewing his allegiance to Hogg earlier this month, has now abandoned any hope of achieving that, which includes dialogue with Seán Manchester.

Redmond McWilliams' cherry on the cake is his advice to block trolls, something Seán Manchester would absolutely endorse, which is why Seán Manchester has had McWilliams blocked on Facebook for as long as McWilliams has been on Facebook. This sad individual stalks Seán Manchester and posts derogatory abuse wherever he finds any mention of him. He has trolled compulsively on Farrant's (and now Hogg's) behalf for a decade. It must be very frustrating for the Morden Molly (one of several nicknames he has acquired, another being the Gnome) because his obsession has failed to be satiated, and he has achieved nothing besides becoming a figure of much odium and ridicule.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Trickster Trystan's "Witness" Exposed

Trystan Lewis Swale dredged up David Farrant's claims about the two women Swale is currently attempting to stalk with the help of Anthony Hogg, Erin Chapman and Redmond McWilliams. But Swale has had no contact with either of the women and could only repeat Farrant's false claims.

Here is what Seán Manchester wrote about the stalking of the two females earlier this year:

"Those pursuing 'Lusia' were not born when these events took place and one particular character, Anthony Hogg, has never visited the United Kingdom, much less Highgate Cemetery. There are some people on Facebook and elsewhere who are facilitating the wanton stalking of two females who wish to be left in peace. What happened almost half a century ago should not be used as an excuse to pursue them relentlessly now. I am the author of The Highgate Vampire but I, too, all these years later, have a right to a private life, as does anyone mentioned in my account. Those seeking to gain their fifteen minutes of fame on the coat-tails of my book and incidents that occurred almost half a century ago should not be aided and abetted by members of the online community.

"As the author of The Highgate Vampire, I should know who and what is what. Jacqueline was a model who, like a number of actresses who came after her, represented 'Lusia' in pictures. She was not 'Lusia.'

"The identity of 'Lusia' has always been shielded by me, and always shall be. Hence members of her family cannot be traced and her grave remains hidden from the public and such compulsive individuals who potentially might disturb its tranquility for their own nefarious reasons. I allowed just enough confusion to arise much closer to the time to protect her true identity. Jacqueline and 'Lusia' are completely separate people.

"Elizabeth was indeed involved in the Highgate case at its inception. Her testimony can be heard in a video [which can be viewed by clicking on the image below]. I spoke to her recently. She once again reiterated that claims made by David Farrant that she was contacted at work by an emissary of his decades ago is arrant nonsense and utterly false. Moreover, she was completely horrified at the prospect of being contacted by strangers obsessed with the happenings in the 1960s, and made it very clear that she would take every measure to prevent it.

"If a complaint should be made to the police it will, of course, come from her and not me; though I will naturally do everything to assist either Jacqueline or Elizabeth with their endeavour and right to enjoy a private life without this latter-day stalking by publicity-seeking bandwagoneers."

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Quare Quartet's Curious Quest

Thus the Unholy Trinity now become the Quare Quartet with Redmond McWilliams joining the pack.

Seán Manchester commented:

"Redmond McWilliams believes I 'tried my luck' in becoming a bishop, and equates my doing so to him being 'opportunistic.' What a sad and sorry excuse of a person he is if he really believes his own soulless words. I am a bishop because that is where my spiritual journey from a very young age has taken me. It is a vocation. Why does McWilliams devote so much of his life to caring about every detail of what I did on one particular case, which I happened to investigate during the 1960s and for some considerable time afterwards? My personal history, direction and life choices have not been determined by other people presenting me with opportunities, but by my own striving and intuitive self-realisation; something that such as he and his parasitic coterie of stalkers cannot grasp."

Erin Chapman is wrong about the Thames Television programme, 13 March 1970, having been "binned," just as Redmond McWilliams is wrong about Seán Manchester having sat on the programme's audio soundtrack. For many years, the Vampire Research Society made copies of the unedited audio tape available. Many copies were distributed until they ceased disseminating material earlier this century. A video of the entire programme could be purchased from ITV for £350.00. As a contributor, Seán Manchester obtained a copy, and it is stored in the archive of his research society.

Five conspicuous observations about Redmond McWilliams' comments immediately spring to mind:

1. Seán Manchester announced he had given his last Highgate Vampire interview on 27 February 2011, exactly forty-one years after his first front page headline interview about the Highgate Vampire.

2. Seán Manchester retired from public life, excluding ecclesiastical duties, on 13 December 2013.

3. Why would Seán Manchester, who has not met McWilliams, Hogg, Swale or Chapman, give access to his case files to trolls who have tried to cause him so much damage over so many years? 

4. Why would Seán Manchester feel any need or obligation to prove to antipathetic people that he led the investigation into the Highgate Vampire case? Why would he need to prove anything to anyone?

5. Seán Manchester knows what happened approximately half a century ago. He has never sought to convince anyone of his experiences back then. He merely shared them due to huge public demand.

Seán Manchester had earlier commented on the same group administrated by Angie Mary Watkins:

"Nothing would induce me to have anything to do with Hogg, McWilliams or indeed Swale, much less make them privy to case files, confidential or not. These people are sick obsessives who parasitically thrive on the lives of others. Well, these degenerates shall not encroach upon my life or my work. Not now; not ever. I believe some people by their inherent behaviour can reasonably be considered evil. Hogg is such a person in my estimation. The others are perverse and unstable."

Monday, 10 October 2016

Stalkers Still Seeking Females

Hogg quotes Seán Manchester: 

"Anthony Hogg, Trystan Lewis Swale and Erin Chapman made clear their intention to pursue two women who I happen to know will resist any attempt to have their privacy compromised after all these years, but the trolling trio evinced no interest whatsoever in finding eye-witnesses identified with names and addresses in the Hampstead & Highgate Express in the early months of 1970." 

But somehow manages to omit the crucial remainder of his comment for some inexplicable reason:

"These eye-witnesses only differ from Elizabeth (I do not include Jacqueline because she is not 'Lusia' as falsely alleged by the stalkers) in one respect. None of the 'witnesses' to have written to the local newspaper in 1970 had any connection to me. Had they a connection to me they would doubtless be pursued to the ends of the earth by Hogg, Swale and Chapman who are out to grab their undeserved fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of innocent women and, of course, on the coat-tails of my book The Highgate Vampire and myself. What they are doing is morally unacceptable, and should be condemned for the stalking it clearly is. Incidentally, I know where both women are, and indeed spoke to one of them when the unholy trinity made their intentions known. She was horrified and spoke of contacting the police if any of them invade her privacy. What these trolls do not comprehend is that everyone has a right to privacy in the UK. Provided they have broken no laws themselves, which they haven't, to invade their privacy in the way that Hogg, Swale and Chapman are attempting is totally illegal."

Once again, Hogg is careful to name in full both women to make sure they can be identified for his stalking purposes. Elizabeth is identified in Seán Manchester's original account because she had gone on record at the time. But that was decades before the internet, and everyone's lives have moved on considerably. Jacqueline is erroneously cited as being a "primary witness" when she was nothing of the sort. Hogg chooses to buy into Farrant's nonsense about the identity of "Lusia," but it is as absurd as everything else Farrant utters. Hogg then makes this stupid and illogical remark:

"We have seen no evidence they do not want to be contacted."

What Hogg and his co-conspirators (Erin Chapman and Trystan Lewis Swale) fail to explain is how two women who do not want to be contacted by the unwholesome trio provide "evidence" that they do not want to be contacted. Are they supposed to contact their stalkers, and say "don't stalk me"? Would that not defeat the whole point if they don't want to be contacted? Let's face it, this could only be done in person, as any impersonal method of communication could easily be from someone else.

What Hogg and his fellow stalkers are asking is that their potential victims make their presence known in person, and only then - when they reveal themselves and where they can be reached - will their word be accepted that they really want nothing to do with those pursuing them. Any different method could easily be from another female claiming to be the women in question. Thus the victims are being asked to do their stalkers' work for them because the stalkers themselves have failed to run down their quarry. And isn't it odd that Hogg has put the word "women" inside inverted commas?

Chapman's comment in the wake of Hogg's is evidence to the extent of their stalking, and, as Seán Manchester has pointed out, every person in the UK has a right to a private life. What they are doing is illegal, as they shall no doubt eventually discover if this manic obsession does not come to a halt.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Trickster Trystan Reveals Nothing

Two month's ago, the ASSAP offered this synopsis of Trystan Lewis Swale's promised Highgate Vampire talk: "'The Trickster in Highgate Cemetery' [talk] features (a) previously unpublished witness reports to the Highgate apparition/entity, (b) previously unpublished testimony from an individual who was central to Sean Manchester's version of events, (c) an analysis of how the Highgate case has been revised by its protagonists through the years based upon their own written accounts; and (d) the arguments offered as to why tricksters may choose to behave as they do."

Swale's talk went ahead in September at the "Seriously Strange" event, but nothing further was heard about his promised revelations about "witness reports" and "unpublished testimony from an individual who was central to Sean Manchester's version of events." These talks are normally covered on video by the ASSAP and shared on YouTube, but nothing this time emerged. The question is why?

Seán Manchester enquired of ASSAP Secretary, Robert Moore: "When  will we be able to see the video of the two day event?" Moore replied: "I am not aware of anyone having videoed the event."

Therefore, the public never get to see and be given an opportunity to examine Trystan Lewis Swale's "previously unpublished witness reports to the Highgate apparition/entity, [and] previously unpublished testimony from an individual who was central to Sean Manchester's version of events." 

Seán Manchester commented: "Now why didn't I see that coming? So Swale's 'witness reports' remain the hot air they were always going to be." Once again, trickster Trystan appears to have got away with publishing claims that remain unsubstantiated and empty talk intended to impress. 

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Barbara Green's Frenzied Disquietude

Seán Manchester was commissioned to take photographs at the Barnet Carnival in Hertfordshire in 1986 where he made accidental contact with Barbara Green and Ruth Harrington who had a stall advertising their "Yorkshire Robin Hood Society." He took some pictures of their display for them.

The following year he attended the same carnival, but not as its official photographer, and met Barbara Green and her daughter, Laura Green. They still had the YRHS display on an outdoor stall.

He did not meet Barbara Green again after that second occasion in Spring 1987, but a correspondence was entered into whereby he endeavoured to help Barbara Green's and Ruth Harrington's historical society, which seemed to have very little support. The society's membership eventually dwindled and became redundant after several attempts to revive it. Barbara Green showed an interest in things paranormal, as there had been talk for many years of strange goings-on in the Kirklees area. Seán Manchester held an overnight vigil with some assistants to determine the nature of the disturbances. His findings were largely inconclusive, albeit not without supernatural incidents.

In 2001, Barbara Green self-published a slim volume called Secrets of the Grave wherein derisory cartoons of Seán Manchester featured along with some disparaging commentary. This coincided with Green having recently entered into communication with a certain David Farrant. It was downhill from that moment. Farrant attempted to turn Green, and she treacherously obliged. Green would pay visits to Farrant in his London bedsit, and he would visit her in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. In April 2005, Green accompanied Farrant, a satanic apologist by the name of Gareth Medway, and a handful of others (who were mostly concerned with video-taping the proceedings) to the gravesite on private land at Kirklees where a pseudo-occult ceremony took place over the purported grave of Robin Hood.

The occult ritual held over the tomb by Farrant and Medway (with Green) came exactly fifteen years after Seán Manchester had carried out his nocturnal vigil. Like Highgate's vampire contagion, Farrant caught a ride on the coat-tails of Seán Manchester to engineer publicity for himself. The entire debacle in 2005 was filmed on video by a group calling themselves "Red Monkey Films," and photographs from that evening's skullduggery quickly surfaced in Barbara Green's local newspaper.   

Since that time there has been no communication between Barbara Green and Seán Manchester, bar the odd postcard bearing sarcastic messages from her, and a Christmas card showing Santa Claus brandishing a dagger. In September 2016, Seán Manchester approached Barbara Green on a neutral Facebook group administrated by Angie Mary Watkins and David Burbury, to enquire why she was persisting with her vitriolic campaign against him in the wake of her now having fallen out with Farrant and his hangers-on. It became increasingly apparent to Seán Manchester over the course of the two weeks they had contact that Barbara Green's state of mind had seriously deteriorated. A lot of what she said made little sense, and was no more than garbled obsessions about minutiae that was not important in the first place. By the end of the month, Seán Manchester could see it was a hopeless task, and that Barbara Green was too far gone to approach. He had done what he could to make her see reason, but it was to no avail. He finally declared: "Life is too precious to be caught up in your frenzied disquietude. There is something just too disturbing and devious at work here."

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Farrant and Swale ~ Just Good Friends

For all their internet banter, and turgid bombast, David Farrant and Trystan Lewis Swale have far more in common than might at first be apparent. Neither actually believe in anything paranormal, metaphysical or spiritual; both are disturbingly beguiled by black magic and all things dark and sinister; both have a history of hoaxing (Farrant's infamous "ghost" publicity-stunt in 1970 that he turned into a "career" whilst having never once been in gainful employment throughout his entire life, and Swale's forays into fields to create "crop circles" which he later declared to be hoaxes perpetrated by others in order to claim credentials as a "professional sceptic"); and their attraction to the seedy, sordid and unsavoury side of human existence. No real need to expand on any of that. 

After years of accommodating each others need to discuss things about which they know nothing in order to exploit topics the public show an interest in, and gain worthless self-publicity in the process, they finally met. It was the coming together of two damaged souls; a veritable match made in hell.