Friday, 13 January 2017

A Question of Balance

The above was posted on a Facebook group by Barbara Green who says that she has "fallen out with Hogg," but overlooks the fact that she remains a contributor to Hogg's principal hate group, and, unlike Seán Manchester, has not blocked Hogg or indeed anyone else unconnected to the bishop. She also makes the unsubstantiated claim that "the Bishop has a cast of thousands with whom he has fallen out." Yet, apart from Hogg and those in the Farrant camp, ie Redmond McWilliams et al, she cannot identify a single person, much less "a cast of thousands." This is the sort of exaggeration we have grown accustomed to where Barbara Green is concerned. Ironically, she has barely a handful of friends on Facebook and they are mostly people she has never met. Even less people join the groups she periodically starts up. On just one of his accounts, Seán Manchester has five thousand friends (the maximum number allowed), which obliged him to open a new account where he restricts friends to a more manageable number. Something is out of balance.

When any of these individuals are put under the microscope and examined it is found that they have much in common. None are in an actual relationship, and real friendships seem unimportant beyond cyber-friends whom they've inevitably never met. Hogg, the youngest of those who troll and stalk Seán Manchester, has shown no interest in the opposite sex, and seems only to have Erin Chapman who lives on another continent as confrère. Trystan Lewis Swale is possibly the exception, but something is definitely wrong, and he has allowed sleazy preoccupations jeopardise and potentially compromise his domestic situation. David Farrant, on the other hand, merely does what he has always done: fabricates his private life as he does his public life. Yet this is the person without whom there would be no brickbats to hurl at Seán Manchester by the rest of them. Absolutely everything alleged to the detriment of Seán Manchester can be traced directly or indirectly back to Farrant, irrespective of who is publishing this or that about a man they have never met, or had any contact with. Seán Manchester's appeal was sufficient to attract them like diseased vampires to a healthy donor, but they have failed to puncture his armour. This created resentment, vilification and malice. 

It has been observed by some just how insignificant people like Hogg, McWilliams, Green and their kind are in the grand scheme of things, and that these individuals largely have personality disorders and should be ignored. It has also been noted that the poison they disseminate needs to be lanced.

Three years ago Seán Manchester made clear that he is a private person and should be treated as such. His detractors say that he remains a public figure because he does not lead the life of a recluse or hermit, which is absurd. Neither do they. Seán Manchester has been attacked and vilified for almost half a century by David Farrant, well over a decade by Anthony Hogg and Barbara Green, and proportionately less but nonetheless years by those in their respective camps, eg people like Erin Chapman and Trystan Lewis Swale. They have always been and remain parasitical non-entities who are unaccomplished and talentless. However, having been exposed they should now be ignored.

Seán Manchester values his privacy, but is still active in the fields of his expertise. Moreover, he is always willing to find time to meet new people and re-acquaint himself with faces from the past.

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